As a child,  Toronto-based artist and publisher Ginette Lapalme used to fall asleep to the most flat out cray lullaby we’ve ever heard. A cross between Fantasia and Alice in Wonderland, it featured a tiny peanutte forced to stay home from a party because she was too small, falling asleep and having psychedelic dream-party adventures instead. An excerpt:

go to sleep peanutte
your mother is gone to a wedding
she will bring back for you, a big doll
as big as the head on your little dog

YES, right? Yes. All grown up but still entranced by Peanutte, Lapalme has put together an exhibition of drawings, sculpture, painting and crafts to recreate the dreamworld from her childhood lullabies. Mixing familiar imagery with elements of fantasy and painting it all in the cotton-candy colours of youth, it promises to be a trip down memory lane… and just a TRIP in general.

“Fait Dodo Peanutte” opens Friday, October 11 and runs until the end of October at Magic Pony, 680 Queen West.