Fake James Franco posing with James Franco fan, Kathy Matic

Would the real James Franco please stand up! James Franco doppelganger tricks fans at TIFF!

Page Six has just confirmed the rumours that there has been a fake James Franco running around TIFF parties fooling fans and celebrities alike.

At the Microsoft bash at Bloke and 4th, Shedoesthecity reader Kathy Matic got her photo taken with who she presumed was Franco. (I mean, look at the likeness, you’d be duped too!) We, amongst many, were quick to “Like” the photo on her Facebook wall!

Who is this mysterious look-a-like? Not going to lie, we kinda love that he’s ballsy enough to saunter in and out of red carpet events, posing as the real McCoy. We aren’t the only ones impressed; producer Vince Jolivette, of James Franco film Palo Alto, was so amused by the charade that he’s set up a time for the fake Franco and real Franco to meet. It’s like that bizarro world episode of Seinfeld, but so much better. 

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  1. RodneyVSmith
    September 10, 2013

    Ahh yes, SuperFan Kathy Matic.  We remember her very well from last night.  Very persistent.
    His name is Tommy James Murphy () and there are a few details that are wrong. I’m the producer-director of the webseries , and Tommy James plays one of the bad guys in the film/series. We were outside of the club, had no idea until we got inside that it was Franco’s party until they ushered us over to VIP and people started looking. The crowd asked and we denied but the more we denied, well, the more pictures they wanted. We’re working TIFF, networking and promoting the series, but because of the resemblance, something like this was bound to happen. But for the record, Tommy James is not out to take advantage of anyone and is actually down on some of the lists for the parties using his own name. Check out more details of our adventures on the series blog. 
    And yes we met James Franco and he was cool as hell. He’s apparently heard of Tommy James before.

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