Feast In The East 40 Is Serving Up Tunes and Tacos TOMORROW

Feast In The East is always a great bet, and this month—the franchise’s 40th installment—is no exception. Featuring a taco dinner by Melanie Hill and performances by Fiver, Wyrd VisionsTasseomancy, and Black Walls, set against an environment designed by artists Vanessa Reiger and Brandon Dalmer, The Jam Factory (2 Matilda St) is the place to be this Thursday night. Plus it’s all ages, so you can take your coolest 16 year old cousin and just really blow their mind.

Tickets are $8 (food + entry) in advance at Circus Books & Music, The Film Buff, Cask Music, Soundscapes and Grasshopper Records, and $10 (entry) or $13 (food +entry) at the door. More info here.

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