In collaboration with actress and activist Alyssa Milano, Balance: A Perimenopause Journey is a four-part documentary series that will dive into the taboo and timely subjects of women facing perimenopause. Along with co-directors and co-producers Sadhbi Siddhali Shree and Sadhbi Anubhuti, Milano hopes to encourage others to learn more about this transitional period. 

Perimenopause, or the transition to menopause, impacts every woman and can happen at any age, however, it is one of the least understood by medical researchers and science. The filmmakers set out to learn what it means for bodies to change with the voices of trusted professionals, doctors, and influencers. Influential women’s healthcare specialists include Dr. Heather Hirsch, Dr. Mary Claire Haver, Dr. Sharon Malone, and more! This series is on a quest to break the stigma, educate the world, and enact change to help women achieve balance. 

Photo by Victoria Sirakova

Milano, who is both an executive producer and interview subject in the series says, “While menopause is inevitable for all women, the suffering in solitude that many experience, the general lack of awareness of the physical and mental effects, and the substandard care for aging women and their hormonal health can all be dramatically improved.”

For the team behind the docu-series, who also created the feature documentaries Surviving Sex Trafficking and For the Animals, this project represents a personal journey through healthcare.

“Hormone imbalance and perimenopause are simply not taught to us,” Shree says. “At 38, it started with sleepless nights, high anxiety, and a moment of rage. Something changed in me and it was unsettling. I didn’t know what it was until I learned it was perimenopause.”

 The docu-series will shed light on the stigma that comes along with perimenopause and advocate for increased research and support to include the input of all women in the medical field. Women’s health has not been prioritized in North America or in most countries around the world, but Balance aims to change this adversity.

A release date and platform for the docu-series are yet to be announced. Here is a first look at the docu-series: