First or Last?

What is your idea of a good plan for a first date and why?

Al Batrosse: The question of the week asks how I personally make a great impression, fast: As a trained first dater I try to keep the airway clear and the legs elevated; oh pardon me is that joke already taken? I shall say that I ask about things that lead to good stories and I attempt to be a better listener than I really am. Good stories lead to provocative questions and if she wants to talk and drink late into the night the answer is going to be a big smile. Unless it is just the drinking part that she is attracted to.

I do plan out the places to go because I think that men should show decisiveness, at least on the first date. If I am just getting to know someone I ask her out to a specific restaurant and/or bar. It is so smooth however when a woman suggests; “I know this place where we can talk more easily, do you just want to go there?”

Yes please, I do want to go to your special place.

No, I do not know why guys are asking for anal sex on the first date or insisting over drinks that every woman must be Brazilian waxed. I do hear about that when I am chatting up our potential readers and it irritates me.

Vincent Darkbloom: I’ve always found the crawlspace under my house a good "first date spot." Just kidding! The basement dungeon is much more cheery.

Seriously, though, for a first date, a bar, uncreative as it sounds, remains the safest bet. If it’s not going well, either of you can bail out after a drink or two, and some people make the possibly specious claim that alcohol even lowers their inhibitions. Dinner and a movie is too much pressure–dinner has a set of its own complications, conversation about the movie may cause some sort of rift–and a full-blown activity, such as going to a museum, is best reserved for when you know each other better. Stick to simplicity — a dark bar and potent alcohol.

The Reverend K Flava: Over the last few years I’ve begun to face the harsh reality that a bottle of Speedy Turtle chardonnay and a Cameron Crowe movie in my parents rec room are no longer a sure fire pass to second base. Although this was unsettling at first, it probably worked out for the best as it served as a guiding light for me (and all the other Lloyd Doblers out there) into the exciting world of "real dating".

As far as first dates go there’s really no fool proof formula for success. Instead it’s important to gauge how the evening is going and react appropriately. As far as a starting point, I’ve found that dinner and a few drinks are always a good way to go. Why? Simply put, food is delicious and alcohol makes me witty as F (despite what friends have told me). When picking a restaurant/bar I tend to go with a fairly relaxing and eclectic setting where it’s easy to toss stories around and have a good laugh. It’s important to be proactive and confident when coming up with places to go, so try to avoid the classic "whatever you feel like" or "It’s totally up to you". However, on the flip side, if your foxy date has any suggestions, show her that you’re interested and on board for her location of choice.

Again, No person can really give advice on the perfect first date itinerary. But in my mind if you take some good conversation and throw in a few pints and some pad thai, you wont be too far from success….And by success I clearly mean dry humping to a D’Angelo CD.

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