Five ways to get your TIFF on before it's too late: Future Projections, Drake Chinatown, Two Door Cinema Club at Hoxton, Brunch at La Societe and more

Okay, so you didn’t have it in you to wait hungover in the rush line last weekend. And after work, the thought of smearing on red lipstick and tottering around in heels while attempting to navigate a guestlist gave you the exhausted sighs. But now the last weekend of TIFF is rolling around, and you want to squeeze in some festival excitement while you still can. Here’s five ways to TIFF it up this weekend, with minimal planning.

1. Sip a Faye Dunaway cocktail and munch short rib and pumpkin potstickers at the Drake Hotel’s #Chinatown Dining Roadshow
Book yourself a table at The Drake’s Dining Roadshow. Just make sure not to put your elbow in your five spice peanut toffee while leaning over to see which A-lister is dining at the table next to you. (1150 Queen St. W.) 

2. Dance all night at The Hoxton (69 Bathurst St.) 
Chances are by now you’ve seen countless tweets, style snaps, and Facebook statuses naming The Hoxton as the newest TIFF venue-du-jour. On Saturday night, Last Night’s Party is hosting a Two Door Cinema Club DJ set, and it’s sure to be a raucous night. Be there ’til 4 am. To reserve a table, email zane@thehoxton.ca

3. Seek out TIFF Future Projections
Hiding outside and in, screening at galleries, museums, and more, TIFF Future Projections are video pieces that combine fine art and film, screening all over the city. Mr. Brainwash (Exit Through The Gift Shop) is creating at David Picault Square, James Franco’s project with Gus Van Sant, Memories of Idaho, is screening at the Lightbox, and great works are showing at galleries all over town. Check them out!

4. Go for brunch at La Societe
Treat yourself to moviestar-worthy brunch at La Societe on Bloor. Munch French Vanilla Waffles and Lobster Benedict while you catch up on the latest celebrity sightings. Tip well and maybe your waiter will have some stories. (131 Bloor St. W. Unit 211) 

5. RUSH a film!
You didn’t see one TIFF film yet? NO EXCUSES! Rushing a film is actually a rush of excitement. This weekend, find a film you want to see and head to the theatre one hour in advance. Hang out in the RUSH line, heck, make friends! If you pick an odd hour, chances are you’ll be in luck. Rushing a film is a genuine TIFF experience that everyone should do.

~ Haley Cullingham 

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