Every girl is looking for her knight in shining armor. Last night, I almost found one. For real.

Medieval Times is having this crazy deal going on. Until Sept. 6 you can get tickets for $35 each if you buy four or more. It’s like 50 per cent off for a dinner AND tournament! My friends and I decided to take advantage.

I had gone as a kid and had vague memories of the battle scene and the extravagant costumes. The only thing I could clearly recall was how the knights threw flowers into their sections. I caught one and thought I had found my prince charming. I was smitten for weeks.

Now, 15 years later, I was walking in with a group of friends wondering if the knights were as handsome and charming as I remembered. Being assigned the red and yellow section, we made our way to the arena.

Shocker #1. I remember this arena being HUGE. Like, Air Canada Centre huge. In reality, there’s a total of four rows in every section. It’s amazing how your mind skews thing when you’re young.

We settle into our seats and get ready for the show to begin. But of course, there was the list of birthdays and special announcements that needed to be read. After a few birthday shout outs, I hear:

“Congratulations to Brad for slaying the dragon of singlehood!”

Yup. Shocker #2. The many ridiculous shout outs with weird medieval puns.  Who pays extra for that?!

Before we know it, the show begins and all the knights come out on their horses.  We immediately start scoping them out and noticed they all seemed to be fairly mediocre. The Green Knight (who is always the “evil” one) stops in front of his section, which is right beside ours. “He just looks like a jerk,” I say to my friend as we start chuckling. Suddenly he locks eyes with me. He starts to stare me down.

“Why is he looking at you like that, Amanda?!” my friend squeals.

Shocker #3. The amount of times the Green Knight locked eyes with me.

The show was almost done when the final flower throwing segment approached. The Green Knight stops in front of our section and points right at me. He lips the words “move to my section” and motions for me to move over. Ya right. As if my yellow and red crown would blend in the sea of green hats and flags.

Now my friends are dying of laughter and think that I’m I’ve found my soul mate. I couldn’t decide if I was creeped out or intrigued.

The show ended and all the knights came out to meet the guests. My friends push me toward the Green Knight. I turn to escape when I bump into a little kid with a green crown.

“Why are you running over the kids from my section?” he says as he touches my arm.

“I did it on purpose because the green team is evil,” I say with a playful tone.

“You wish you were part of the green team.”

My mind begins to race. Is the Green Knight actually flirting with me? Are they allowed to do this?

“Well I know YOU wish I was part of the green team. I saw you point me out.”

“Ya, why didn’t you move to my section?”

“Well maybe if you threw me a flower I would’ve moved.”

“If you were in my section, you would’ve definitely gotten a flower.”

At this point I notice a line forming beside him. Even though there were tons of kids wanting his autograph he continued to talk to me. He tells me that he studied film and didn’t know how to ride horses until he got the job. I actually found it really interesting. I look over his shoulder to see at least 10 kids peeing their pants with excitement to meet the Green Knight.

“I gotta go. You’ve got this line of fans!”

“No, it’s OK” he says, but I ran away. It was too much.

If only my 8-year-old self would’ve known this day would come; I would be kicking myself for passing up the chance to give him my number. But apparently, at the age of 22, I’m not ready for my knight in shining armor.

~ Amanda Cupido