In the weeks leading up to December 12th, we will be profiling some of the most fun, creative and sumptuous foodie talents whose wares and goods might just be the most original gifts under the tree.

For this installment, we spoke to Vanessa Baudanza, founder of The Rolling Pin, a 50s-themed bakery specializing in gourmet donuts, macarons, tarts and iced cakes. Amazing and delicious!

Can you share your journey into the food world?

It started off when I was very young. Growing up with two older sisters and a mom who loved to cook and bake, it was so easy to get submerged into the life of good food. Around Thanksgiving our kitchen table was full of apples and pie dough, while the weeks leading up to Christmas we had piles of homemade cookies being baked.

In grade school when we had class parties, I was always the one who brought dessert. I loved being creative, and loved to try new recipes

In high school I took a marketing class. We had a big assignment where we had to sell and market a product. I knew I could make a good product — a sweet edible chocolate flower pot to be exact. Needless to say after that high school marketing class I knew I would own my own business.

It was hard for me to dive into owning my own business so I waited until I felt ready. I received my degree in Child Development, while taking evening and weekend courses in pastry at George Brown. I worked hard and saved up my money, gaining as much experience in the food industry as I could. I realized that I would never be really ready, so one day I just looked at my now business partner Isabelle and said, “LET’S DO THIS.”

The Rolling Pin is one of the best things that has happened to me. I love being creative, I love the people I have been able to meet. I even love all the annoying challenges every business owner needs to face.

I spend my days laughing and working at the shop and gallivanting all over the city to taste things both sweet and savoury. It’s so important to support local business and make friends within the industry.

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“Baking makes me feel ____ “

Relaxed and happy.

What are you most impatient about when it comes to baking?

It’s hard to have patience when you know you have something delicious coming out of the oven. I hate how long things take to cool down!

What’s your go-to meal that you could make with your eyes closed?

President’s Choice white cheddar Mac and cheese with two slices of Kraft cheddar singles. So simple, so dirty and delicious.

What are the ingredients you couldn’t live without/that you always have on hand?

I can never have enough butter! And of course I couldn’t live without sugar, flour and eggs.

What are you looking forward to most this holiday season?

I am looking forward to the holiday rush being over. I want to reflect, relax, spend time with family and take The Rolling Pin team out for a well-deserved holiday party!

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Mark it in your calendar!

Join us at the Foodie Holiday Market on Saturday, December 12th, 10am-5pm at Artscape Sandbox (301 Adelaide St. W). Exhibitors include NadegeEmerson Pringle CarpentryThe Rolling Pin DonutsProvisions Food CompanyBurner Hot Sauce, I Love Puffy Love, Roselle Bakery, Lee’s Ghee, Hinkleville, Petits Mots and so many more.

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