Foodie Pages Holiday Pop Up is BAAAAAAACKKK! Well, soon. Mark December 10th on your calendars, because you do not want to miss this delicious event. Shedoesthecity is proud to be returning as a media sponsor, not only because we LOVE connecting with small batch food makers, but also because this holiday market is the perfect place to scoop up yummy stocking stuffers, or treats to dish out at family get-togethers and holiday parties. (We like to eat it all too.)

In the days leading up to this divine occasion, we will be teasing you with some of our favourite vendors who await your discerning tastebuds. To get things started, meet Rebecca and Eamon, founders of Chaiwala Chai. (Perhaps a chai latte rooted in ginger spice will become a new Christmas morning tradition.)

Tell us how your company was born.

After spending almost three years travelling the world, we returned home to Canada and began working in local cafés to save up for the next big trip. Having spent much of our time in Nepal and India, and falling completely in love with fresh masala chai from the streets there, we were disappointed to discover that chai in North American cafés was often a syrup full of sugar and preservatives. We knew we could do better! We’ve created an authentic and engaging chai experience that references classic Indian chai with a modern twist.

What do you love most about food?

Let me start by saying that we absolutely LOVE food. We’re the type of people that go to bed chatting about what’s for breakfast! But if we had to choose what we love most, it’d have to be the time a meal gives us to reconnect with ourselves, our friends and our loved ones.

What holiday offering do you want to share with our readers?

Our new gift sets include all the essentials to make a perfect chai latte at home. Each twine-wrapped package contains 50g of fresh masala chai, a fine mesh strainer and a vintage Turkish pot. The perfect gift!


What is your secret ingredient?

Unlike any other tea company, we use fresh ginger root in our blends. It packs a punch, is full of health benefits and gives our chai a unique flavour.

What do you love most about what you do?

For us, the best part of building a business in our thriving city is the amazing community of entrepreneurs here. Our fellow vendors, the foodie community and our fantastic partners fuel us with energy, support and love. We couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who has helped us along the way!


What philosophy has been steering your life lately?

From the very launch of our business, we have believed that everything happens for a reason. This philosophy has helped us get through some very big losses and remain humble through the big wins.

What holiday tradition are you looking forward to most this year?

Making a big pot of Chaiwala chai for the family on Christmas morning! No better way to wake up and enjoy some quiet time together before a hectic day.

What makes a memorable meal?

Fresh ingredients, great company and a cup of Chaiwala chai to wash it all down.

Check out more from Chaiwala on Instagram. The Foodie Pages Holiday Pop Up takes place December 10 at 301 Adelaide Street West. For more info, go here.