From Sarah Wilson and Mike Ross, Soulpepper’s ROSE: A New Musical opens on January 17. This whimsical production is adapted from Gertrude Stein’s classic children’s book, The World Is RoundIt follows the story of Rose, a little girl with big questions.

“She’s this nine-year-old girl that has these questions that don’t quite make sense to other people,” explains Wilson. “Her thoughts are constantly whirring; trying to feel some sense of security and certainty about who she is, where she belongs, what is this world that she lives in. There’s something she doesn’t have that she wants; so she goes on this journey to find it.”

“It’s a relatable story,” says Wilson. “You want to make something that you want to see. I love things that are really entertaining but also have some sadness, a ton of humour, and a really great time. We’ve been solidifying the story so that the music, the jokes and the dance rest on a really solid foundation. We wanted to preserve the amazing energy yet make it accessible.”

Wilson hopes audiences of all ages will take away a bit of warmth. “Through this whole journey Rose goes on, it’s ultimately a story about acceptance, finding your own way in the world, finding your own peace, and making your own path. And that path is not always what you think it’s going to be.”

ROSE: A New Musical runs January 17 to February 24 at Young Centre (50 Tank House Lane). Grab tix here.