If your kid isn’t really down with the whole sleep-away/sunburn/mosquito camping scenario, there’s a lot of fun to be had right here in the city. We’ve rounded up our top picks for summer camps with a science/tech bent for your budding innovator.

YouTube Camp: Does your kid dream of being the next YoutTube star? This camp will give them the skills they need to develop a YouTube channel they can be proud of. Campers will learn about creating content, scripting and storyboarding, production skills and building their brand on YouTube. They will discover the ways they can make money with a YouTube channel and find out the essential elements of a YouTube channel and build fan engagement. Runs July 24-28. Register here.

Coding Girls: Coding Girls camps takes place in small, close-knit clusters where big ideas come to life. With a focus on entrepreneurship, leadership, brand identity, and empowerment, campers will build tech skills in a unique, stylish setting, alongside tech-savvy mentors. Campers will learn about fundamentals of hardware and software and be introduced to a variety of programming languages and concepts. Runs July 31-August 4. Register here.

Ontario Science Centre Summer Day Camps: All summer long, Ontario Science Centre keeps young minds happy and active with exciting experiments, hands-on exhibits and interactive discovery at the Ontario Science Centre’s Day Camps (for kids 4-14 years old). Camp themes include: Little Scientists, Big Ideas; Inventor Centre; Canadian Science: It’s In Our Nature; and Science Centre Innovators. Find out more and register here.

Robotics Camp: In this camp, your young inventor will make and KEEP their very own robot. Campers will build a robot and program it using an Arduino. An Arduino is a micro-controller, a small computer used as the brain of the robot and can be programmed to control the way buttons, motors, switches, sensors, lights, and other electronic parts interact with the world around them. Runs August 21-25. Register here.

Toronto Tool Library’s Maker Sampler Camp: During this summer camp program, young makers will explore design principles in the context of 3D modelling, laser cutting, electronics, and woodworking. Campers will hone their skills in tool use, design, circuitry, soldering, 3D modelling, and programming. By the week’s end, they’ll have done it all – from building mini boom boxes to designing a solar-powered USB power bank (perfect to take camping). For kids aged 8 & up. Runs July & August. Register here.