The Leslieville Flea is a curated Toronto-based flea market that specializes in vintage, upcycled and handcrafted goods. Their vintage vendors search far and wide for the best finds. Meet some of the stellar vintage vendors you’ll find there, and see what they have in store for you.

Jamie Abram


SDTC: Tell us who you are and what you make/collect/curate. 

I am Jamie Abram of Mid20thlounge. I curate a collection of unique and affordable items for the home and workspace for those that love vintage

What is your find of the week?

A cool record stand with storage for vinyl.

Why did it catch your eye?

There are spaces to store dozens of LPs, 45s, a shelf for what you are currently spinning and another one to place your turntable on. It’s all brassy with the most amazing wood handles and if that is not enough, the brass on each side is bent into a musical note. It’s also perfect for small spaces

What’s the story behind the item? 

This record stand is by far, the best one I have ever seen and I still cannot believe I found it! I receive dozens of requests for any sort of stand or storage for records and turntables. When I spotted this one from across a crowded room, I went running towards it. As far as record stands go, it is everything and then some!

How do you see it living out the rest of its days?

One day soon, I will post it for sale and one very lucky follower will take this beauty home. I am always searching for vinyl storage and will be holding on to special items for the Leslieville Flea markets this summer.

Regina Petate


Tell us who you are and what you make/collect/curate.

My name is Regina, I’m the owner of LUVEWANT, a curator and collector of vintage finds for home decor.

What is your find of the week?

Pierre the Sommelier is a brass wine bottle opener.

Why did it catch your eye?

The combination of brass and his charming nature was an instant draw.

Is there a story behind the item?

I discovered him at a church rummage. I posted it on my Instagram stories and had a couple of people who also collect unusual corkscrews respond, which is how I discovered his name.

How do you see it living out the rest of its days?

Pierre amuses me just to look at and is currently in good company with other vintage finds sitting atop a mid-century hutch.

Vee Morency


Tell us who you are and what you make/collect/curate.

My name is Vee and I’m the vintage lover and curator behind Sailing Matador. I’m originally from Montreal, but I’ve been calling Toronto home for a few years now. To find new pieces for my collection I go from thrift shop to estate sales to the closets of women who want to clear out some space for the new. I think “eclectic” best describes the vibe and vision behind Sailing Matador.

What is your find of the week?

A 1970s burgundy silk and tulle dress by British designer John Bates who used to go under the name Jean Varon in the London “Boutique” scene of the 60s and 70s.

Is there a story behind this dress?

The colour and feel of it are totally whimsical; you can feel the proud craftsmanship at every touch. It’s a great example of why I love vintage so much. Some pieces have the ability to transport you to a time and place when dressing women was truly viewed as a form of art, and every stitch and detail on this piece is, to me, a reminder of that. It’s been in my collection for a while now and will soon be featured in the music video “Golden Daze” by Toronto singer-songwriter Chris Bottomley, set to come out in the next few months.

How do you see this dress living out the rest of its days?

This dress is ready for its new home and I hope it gets to experience many new adventures, sparking the imagination of its next owner. It’s a timeless piece of designer vintage. Dress it up or dress it down like I did (shown here) wearing black sneakers and a vintage felt hat. It’s a fun piece that still stands the test of time and I can’t wait to see where it will end up next.

Upcoming flea dates are June 11th and June 17th. For all the details go here.