Have you been feeling a little out of sorts lately? Like, you could totally use a vacation but have neither the time nor the cashflow to do so? US, TOO. So we were VERY intrigued to come across a retreat that you don’t have to leave the city for!

Neo Retreat at MINDSET Brain Gym (62 Cumberland St) is happening next Saturday, March 9 and will unlock a whole bunch of tools to help you calm your mind and get some peace and quiet.

The all-day retreat will include a Sound Bath: Live sound, rhythm and frequency to ease emotional imbalance with Michaela Bekenn, Body Movement Awareness: Fusion flow with Tyler Jackson, Adaptogens 101: Understanding, finding and using adaptogens for everyday health with MEbyKiki, Biohacking Better Sleep with Oksana Andreiuk, Breathwork: “Wim Hof”-style breathing to envision and feel how you want to live + more. There will also be healthy drinks and snacks included. You’ll emerge refreshed and rejuvenated, and you’ll save yourself the hassle of navigating Pearson airport during March Break! 

Get tickets and more information right here.