If you’re around the city this summer, you’re gonna want to make a stop at the Aga Khan (77 Wynford Dr.) Starting in June, the museum will offer free interactive dance workshops, all featuring local artists expressing their global heritage. Workshops include:

  • The Toronto-based ensemble Nhapitapi: musicians, singers, and dancers conduct a workshop on ancestral dances from three regions of Zimbabwe (June 9)
  • Two-time world-champion hoop dancer Lisa Odjig performs and teaches several styles of powwow dance while accompanied by singers and drummers from Turtle Island (June 23)
  • Toronto-based choreographer Puja Amin and Sanskriti Arts dancers and musicians teach audiences Garba Haalo Re (July 8)
  • Sanskriti Arts teaches Chak de Bhangra (July 14)

If you prefer to just watch, Toronto-based band The Arsenals perform Jamaican ska and reggae on July 22, and on August 19, singer Njacko Backo leads Kalimbas at Work, a quartet of musicians playing African melodies on the thumb piano, African harp, fiddle, and accordion. Pick up some new footwork as the Aga Khan’s outdoor spaces will become a place to embrace familiar rhythms and explore new ones.

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