Wanna know what we’ll be doing this Saturday afternoon between noon and 4 pm? Drinking free lemonade and staring into dreamy, autographed photos of John Stamos – THAT’S WHAT!  

Yep, we’re going to spend all morning getting really dehydrated while watching as many episodes of Full House as possible before making our way to Christie Pits Park to snag an autograph from Uncle Jesse himself. Actually, not himself. Turns out the photos will be signed by an individual who is not John Stamos, has no relation to Mr. Stamos, and does not bear any particular physical resemblance to the celebrity in question (the aforementioned John S.). The lemonade, however, is actually lemonade and actually free so at least we have that to look forward to. And we’re going to frame the photo anyway and lie to our family and friends about its authenticity because who the hell has memorized what John Stamos’ autograph looks like anyway? 

~ Caitlyn Holroyd