From feathering to full-head fusion, here's the long and short of Doll Bar Hair Extension Bar on Queen West

Girl, you need some bounce in that weave. At first we weren’t sure what to think when Doll Bar Hair Extension Bar moved into our hood, but then we grew curious, “Yeah, but I want long luscious locks to fling around.” So we poked our head in to see what was up and left with a blue feather in our hair.

The vivacious Melissa McKenzie is the most inviting salon owner we’ve ever encountered. She welcomed us in for tea and hair conversation. Did you know that hair extension hair comes from India and China? Did you know that there is a network of temples in India that collect hair from their congregation to sell to the highest Italian bidder? And if you are getting Russian hair, it’s likely from Siberia. Now, we don’t know all the particulars, but the international network of hair cutting and bidding was sounding like the premise of a riveting documentary film. Hair Journey: From Temple to Doll Bar. Or did Chris Rock already do this with Good Hair?

“People from India and China have stronger hair, it grows faster and is thicker. European hair is fine and brittle, as it grows it thins out,” said McKenzie, as she tousled my bed head around. As I inspected my tangled split ends, it was an undeniable fact: Asian hair rules.

A hair stylist with a loyal clientele, the idea first came to McKenzie after hearing that women were traveling far from home to get their hair extensions in dank basements, as regular cost at a known salon was between $800-2200. Five years ago, when blow dry bars starting popping up like convenience stores she thought, “What if I did a salon exclusively dedicated to affordable hair extensions?” The idea was hatched. And it’s working.

Yes, an education and challenging workplace are paramount, but let’s not deny that nice hair is pretty important to us. How many of you update your status after you chop bangs? Thought so. Beyond feeling a little glamourous, a lot of women struggle with extremely fine hair, or hair loss, and this can become a genuine area of concern when it comes to self-confidence. Doll Bar is a comfortable place where you can experiment with your look and feel super sexy when you step back onto the street. Don’t be surprised if someone is tempted to braid your hair on the subway.

Fusion extensions, microlinks, weaves: There are three ways to go about extending your mane, and Doll Bar can match any colour your heart desires. We know ‘cause we took a wander through the hair room. It’s a little bit freaky in there and would be a great set for a CSI crime scene but very well organized to suit every shade of shine.

If having somebody else’s hair fused into yours is a little daunting, try getting feathered. It’s a small way to try something new and starts at $15. Why not add a little hint of blue or gold to your red carpet attire?

Doll Bar Hair Extension Bar is located at  1099 Queen St. W at Dovercourt.

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