In this installment of our #FrontStreetFoods Meet The Makers series, we chat with the face behind Jedd’s Frozen Custard.

Where did your company idea originate from?

When I was at the university in Wisconsin I discovered frozen custard. After I moved to Toronto I realized there is no frozen custard in this great city. So I had to be the one to do it, and  a few years later I opened my café.

What’s the easiest way to describe your food?

A creamy, silky smooth treat that makes you feel like you are eating a cloud.

Please share/list some menu highlights that you will be serving this summer at Front Street Foods.

The famous Jedd’s Affogato, root beer float, limonata and orange floats and of course our vanilla, chocolate custard plus a flavour of the day that will be changed every day.

When someone says “summertime food,” what do you think of?

Frozen custard!

Favourite seasonal ingredients?


Can you share with us one of your kitchen rules?

Fresh daily or we don’t serve it.

Favourite summertime drink?


Current life motto?

Do it with integrity and passion.

What’s on your summer bucket list?

To introduce thousands of people to the pleasure  of eating frozen custard.

Front Street Foods is open all summer long (Monday to Friday from 7am-9pm, Saturday 11am-9pm and Sunday 11am – 6:30pm). Be sure to stop by Jedd’s Frozen Custard for a root beer float!