All summer long, we’ve been spotlighting various vendors from Front Street Foods in our Meet the Makers series. For this installment, we spoke to Suzanne Baby, the owner and creator of Melt Ice Cream Sandwiches.

These ice cream sandwiches are made up of uniquely flavoured artisan cookies and paired with rich, small-batch ice cream flavours. Creator Suzanne Baby is the head chef of Toronto’s Hart House Gallery Grill and has over 25 years of experience in the food industry. Front Street Foods is Melt’s introduction to the foodie world.

Where did your company idea originate?

I’ve always loved making desserts, in particular ice cream, gelato and sorbets, and because my job as a chef takes me away from that for the most part, I thought I’d love to do this as a pop-up idea for the market.

What do you love most about your business?

That I have the freedom to make what I like. People ask me everyday what my favourite sandwich is, and I have to be truthful and tell them that I wouldn’t be making and selling any of them if I didn’t like them.

What’s the easiest way to describe your food? 


What is your brand all about? 

Summer fun deliciousness.

Please share/list some menu highlights that you will be serving this summer at Front Street Foods.

MELTBARS, which are homemade ice creams on top of different bars, such as a bourbon salted peanut BLONDIE or dark chocolate brownie.

When someone says “summertime food,” what do you think of? 

Casual, delicious, fun food.

Favourite seasonal ingredients? 

Everything that’s in season!

Can you share with us one of your kitchen rules? 

Taste your food. If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t serve it. If you don’t love it, don’t serve it.

Favourite summertime drink? 

That’s a hard one. I’m mostly a wine person, so it’s great to enjoy some rose during the summer for a change, but I also love letting a great bartender surprise me with a signature cocktail.

Current life motto:

Life is short. Remember what’s really important to you.

What’s on your summer bucket list?

Always travel and good food.

What is the craziest/most interesting trek/adventure you’ve ever taken for either A) a great meal or B) a particular ingredient?

Have tons of stories in this realm. Too many and too long to recount.

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