There is SO MUCH FUN to be had with the new Fujifilm Instax Printer! This is – without a doubt – our top pick for creatives on your list who like playing around with photography, be it with friends, fam, fashion or food. 

Unlike other printers, this guy prints larger square format pics (2.4” x 2.4”) wirelessly from your smart phone or tablet in under 13 seconds. Best part? SP-3 Instax Square is battery-operated and portable, so you can literally use it ANYWHERE – bring it to parties, outdoor events or even on vacay. It even lets you add text and personalized messages to your pics, which we love.

Here are a few ways we challenge you to use it:

  • Create a photo wall at your holiday gathering.
  • Snap a pic for a personalized present topper.
  • Capture beauty in 2018 by snapping one pic of something each day that makes you smile. We’ll let you dream up how you display your loves.
  • In those sleepy days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, make like you’re a fashion stylist and map out looks for the year ahead, printing your favourite outfits to the inside of your closet for daily inspo.
  • Tackle that tangled closet of childhood nostalgia with an afternoon of organizing and use the Instax Printer to help label shoeboxes into easily identifiable categories.
  • Go on a winter walk, capture the magic and print your own postcards.  

The ideas are endless! Over the next few days, we’re challenging ourselves to get creative with the Instax Printer. From holiday parties to baking with toddlers, we look forward to sharing our moments with you soon. In the meantime, if this is something that you think you’ll love (who wouldn’t?) enter our Holiday Sparkle contest, and you might just win it.