Compiled by Caitlyn Holroyd
Photos by Ben Scotland
Protests, destroyed businesses, steel fences, and police covering every inch of the city – the spectacle that is the G20 is finally over and us Torontonians couldn’t be happier to have our city back. When it was all going down this weekend, people were as avidly glued to Twitter as they were to CP24 and the blogs, tracking people’s responses from outside the media perspective. We’ve compiled some of the most frightening, informative, funny, and frustrated tweets from a very intense weekend.

One of my colleague’s friends who works at a bank in the financial district got hit with a WATER BALLOON FILLED WITH URINE!! #g20 – @jessbennett

After seeing 25 cops standing in front it is clear that the most important delegate at the #G20 is Tim Horton’s – @AnthonyZanfini

i feel like G20 is kind of like police summer camp. i bet they’re all super excited! – @rahrahraina

got a seat on the queen streetcar for the second night in a row. G20 must have everyone spooked? – @redteamleader

There’s a tsunami warning issued for the G20 summit fake lake. – @alancross

Ryerson security escorts undercover RCMP officer out of Eyeopener office. RCMP: She was assigned to monitor G20 protestors. – @theeyeopener

Damn you #G20 How could you take Macdonalds from me?!?!? – @gentle_benjamin

Anarchist on the subway last night had 4000 little studs on his jacket. How long did that take? That’s not anarchy, that’s knitting. #G20 – @Mike_Walsh_III

Just got illegally searched (again) by cops guarding Hasty Market. They make it real hard to say no. – @nowtoronto

WTF! At the media centre – Sarkozy is giving a press conference en francais from Muskoka and they haven’t managed to have translation .#g20 – @nowtoronto

There’s a naked guy at Queen and Peter. I think he’s protesting clothes. #G20 @torontoist – @one_more_night

Term “protesters” reserved for those with a cause. Today vandals highjacked Toronto and the peaceful #G20 protest. – @craigkielburger

Dear Protesters, now that you have destroyed an Urban Outfitters where will you get your Che Guevara T-shirts? #g20 – @TDotOpenLetter

Hey #g20 anarchists, I’m happy for you, and imma let you finish, but Leon Czolgosz was the most infamous anarchist OF ALL TIME! – @robhoadley

So protestors are looting Starbucks? I hope they enjoy their corporate grande chai tea latte tomorrow morning. #g20 – @unbrelievable

so the police just started arresting people. i stress, this was a peaceful, middle class, diverse crowd. no anarchists – @spaikin

Riots in Toronto. Police cars on fire. #G20 hooligans run rampant in the streets. No authorities anywhere. Normal day in Gotham. – @Batman

Despite all the violence surrounding this #G20, the important thing is that the message got out: people in black outfits hate glass. – @Guin

Crowd broke out into Oh Canada at Queen and Spadina, police stormed as soon as song was done, people fleeing, says Ryan Walker. #g20 – @torontoist

hopefully 2 people met and fell in love while being detained for 4 hrs in rain so we can have something good come of this. – @steviepeters