Gary Hustwit's Design Trilogy screens this weekend at TIFF Bell Lightbox

Gary Hustwit, get outta my head! A documentary director fascinated by the nerdy things that fascinate us (See: urban planning and fonts), his Design Trilogy explores three ways in which design consumes and affects our lives. Urbanized is a 2011 documentary about the “century of city lovers,” an exploration of the good and the bad inherent to urban life. Helvetica, from 2007, is a design nerd’s dream: an entire film about fonts. FONTS! Objectified, from 2009, explores ubiquitous objects and asks just how they became so prevalent. Hustwit’s acclaimed films treat his unique subjects like sentient beings, and explore their ability to shape, and be shaped by, human interaction.

Gary Hustwit’s Design Trilogy screens from January 13-17th at TIFF Bell Lightbox. The director will be in attendance for certain screenings. For show times and tickets, click here.

~ Haley Cullingham

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