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Get Creative @ Flow Friday In The West End This Week

Know that flow state — where you just get in your groove and it all comes together?

That’s what Flow Fridays are all about. Each week, SoulSis Aiesha and INTune Creative host a fantastic meet-up for creatives and entrepreneurs to get together, get inspired and get in the flow. Beyond being a collaborative co-working space, Flow Friday is also an opportunity to share your challenges and successes with like-minded people, set goals, track your progress and get accountability. There are also brainstorming exercises and tools, workshops and games to get your creative juices flowing. Best of all, the afternoon is capped off with an open mic jam in the evening; an open platform for ALL forms of expression, in any medium or language. You’ll learn how productive you can be–and how much fun you can have–when you create alongside others. 

Flow Friday happens from 3-9 p.m. at AMP Studio Cafe (154 Oakwood). Get deets here.

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