2017 is a brand spankin’ new year, and it’s high time you bought some stock in yourself!

Whether you want to master the art of minimalist living, heal your gut or channel your inner Bey at a Formation dance class, we’ve found the workshops for you. Hit up the Get School’d #Resolutions workshops at the Gladstone (1214 Queen W) running throughout January.

Healing Your Gut with Dee Buryk
January 5 (7:00-9:00pm): $15
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Instead of painfully detoxing your way out of the “one-too-many-eggnog holidays,” learn the tools to support the epicentre of all health: your gut. As Hippocrates once said, “All diseases begin in the gut.” By focusing on this one common location, you can get results such as mental clarity, regular digestion, a healthy body weight, improved energy, glowing hair and skin, and much more. Your body naturally wants to be healthy and once we address the root cause by healing your gut, your body can begin to transform.

Yoga for Beginners with Katharine Odlum
(Every Wednesday in 2017: $5 drop in classes, participants pay at the door.
Yoga session 7:30-8:30am

Start the new year off right to a path of relaxation and wellness. Every Wednesday morning, join our beginner’s yoga drop-in class in the airy second floor Gallery.

Channel Your Inner Beyoncé | Formation Dance Class
Wednesday, January 4, $20, 7pm-8:30pm
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Channel your inner Bey and “get in formation” in the new year at this beginner-level dance class set to Queen B’s Lemonade smash hit, “Formation.”

Mastering Minimalism
Thursday January 5 (7pm-9pm): $15
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Minimalism is not just “decluttering” – it is a philosophy of life that allows you to invite into your life only high-value items, relationships, and experiences with ease, clarity, and purpose. This philosophy frees you from the anxiety of consumption, holding on to unnecessary things and ideas, and the paralysis of choice. You’ll gain a solid foundation of universal minimalist principles and how they can be applied to each area of your life.

Starting To Write with She Does the City
January 11 (7pm-9pm): $15

Join Erin Rodgers and our Editor-in-Chief, Jen McNeely, for a creative workshop that will make 2017 the year you penned your adventures and documented your life through a regular writing practice. You’ll cover how to start writing regularly, the benefits of writing, where ideas come from, how to find your voice, and the best way to pitch your stories.

Calligraphy Resolutions
January 17 (7pm-9pm): $20
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Learn the basics of script lettering and calligraphy to create the perfect handmade art for the new year: beautifully scripted resolutions. You’ll cover essential techniques and gain helpful practice tips to develop your own unique look to your writing.

Tea, Spice + Everything Nice Workshop
January 31 (7pm-9pm): $15
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Holistic Nutritionist Laura Benson will teach you about the powerful health benefits of tea drinking. Learn about the healing properties of specific herbs and spices and their powerful ability to ward off cold/flu, inflammation and various digestive upsets. You’ll make two different teas that will focus on restoring health in the body throughout the cold winter months.