This Saturday is Record Store Day!!  You don’t have to have a turntable to get a lot of bang for your buck this weekend, with parties and joyfulness happening all over the city in celebration of that which makes the world go ’round for a lot of people (get it?)

You never know with the weather these days, but it seems to be getting a lot more blustery, so ready your windbreaker, make breakfast plans, and si nécessaire, take charge and make an itinerary for your friends.  In the Olden Days people made dance cards (which attached to their wrists, keeping their hands free for dancing) with the names of their partners for each number.  I’m sure your friends would be tickled if you did the same for your route on Saturday.  That or send around a Facebook message, I guess.

Here are just three glimpses of the goings-on, for full listings check the website.  Happy spinning!

Soundscapes (572 College St)

Check out their website for the special stock that’s arrived so far, including Kate Bush, The Beatles, Lou Reed, Paul Simon, Iggy and the Stooges, and Tinariwen.  Plus, everybody’s favourite band of goofballs, The Elwins will be playing at 7pm!

Sonic Boom (Honest Ed’s location – corner of Bathurst and Bloor)

Exclusive releases, giveaways, and live performances all afternoon (1pm-9pm).  Plus the two mirrored walls are a trip – it looks like four Sonic Booms (I wish…)!  In order of appearance, Army Girls, The Darcys, Born Ruffians, Plants and Animals, Bloodshot Bill, Fresh Snow, Lioness, Eight and a Half, Diemonds.  Free admission, please bring a non-perishable food item.  Silk screened event posters for a donation to the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation!

Vortex Records (2309 Yonge, second floor)

Exciting titles coming in every day until Friday, full listings avaiable around midnight.  So far they’ve got James Brown, Pete Townshend, Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink soundtracks with posters, among others.  They’re open 10am to 10pm, with “a Sale of some sort but those details will not be revealed until the day before (because I haven’t decided yet),” according to the blog.

Friday night movie list, to help get you stoked:

Empire Records
A Mighty Wind
High Fidelity
That Thing You Do
Almost Famous

~ Annie Webber