Jordan Porter’s job is to basically scour the international and Canadian markets to find the latest fashion and style items that she loves most and then share them with FASHION magazine readers. With fun photo spreads and captivating copy, she always manages to tease and delight us with beautiful things. Since she’s a pro at sourcing the coolest stuff, we predicted that she’d have a pretty eye catching holiday wish list for herself. We were right! Jordan has impeccable taste…but we promise not to copy her wish list.

What Jordan Porter wants for the holidays:

1. Falling and Flare by Ryan Mcginley
What I would give to have this hang on my wall! Every time I see this Ryan McGinley photograph I fall in love with it just a little bit more. 
 $Price on Request

2. Carine Roitfeld: Irreverent 
For any fashion lover, the perfect gift to give and to get. 

3. A Warhol Incase iPhone case
I just recently traded in my old 3G for a brand spankin new 4S but I’ve got butter fingers and that baby needs protection. What better to keep my new toy safe with then a Warhol edition snapcase.  

4. Vintage Schiaparelli Necklace
I never wear necklaces and the jewellery I do wear is usually quite masculine, but lately I can’t stop thinking that my wardrobe is in need of some seriously beautiful bling. This vintage Schiaparelli makes my heart skip a beat!
 $1,800, from Carole Tanenbaum at 1stDibs.

5. Cake Vintage Kitchen Papers
Finding a unique hostess present is always such a challenge. With a chic vintage vibe and room to write your own menu, I’ll be gifting these gorgeous tear away papers all season long.
$29 at 77 Yorkville

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