This is the cutest thing! As I’m sure you’re well aware from the resurgence of the ’70s porn star look your men friends are sporting these days, Movember is in full, er, growth. The moustache-growing charity event has become a global phenomenon, inspiring more than 1 million people to participate in the fight against prostate cancer. And now, thanks to the peeps at, you can get the whole family involved!

As part of their Mini Movember campaign, Bunch has created a facebook app that allows you to take a photo of your kids and give them a faux mo’ from a selection of famous hairy cartoon characters. Your lil’ minis can choose a bushy, upturned Mr. Potato Head ‘stache, a thin, pointy Captain Hook look and bright red Yosemite Sam whiskers along with many more. It’s seriously hilarious, what they’ve come up with. It’s a great way to get kids involved in the worldwide event and, as Bunch says, “the fuzz-free shouldn’t be denied a sweet ‘stache.” Indeed! So spread the ‘stache and help make a difference by getting your family involved. Maybe you can give it a try too! I’m really feeling the Ned Flanders look myself. Which one is your favourite?

~ Lindsay Tapscott