Flea markets are lots of fun, because hunting for that one perfect item, that is somehow magically only $2 and fits you perfectly, is exciting. But also, there’s something to be said for things that are nicely laid out in front of you, easily displayed, and ready for you to snag—without you having to wade through a waist-high bin of faded T-shirts. You feel me?

The Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen St. W.) wants to make it simple for you, so it’s hosting the Gladstone Fleas, organized by DIY expert Laura Hopf. Kicking off this Saturday, June 8 and also happening Saturday, July 6 and Saturday, August 3, the Gladstone Fleas promise you all of the art, fashion, accessories, and other vintage finds that you love, minus the questionable smells of a basement market. It’s organized, hand-picked, modern. This ain’t no thrift shop.

What makes this event even cooler is that it’s also a competition of sorts! Each Saturday event features a different panel of two jurors, and this Saturday’s event features our very own Queen Bee Jen McNeely (as well as I Want – I Got‘s Anita Clarke)! Plus, August 3’s event has our very own Princess Bee (?) Haley Cullingham (plus NOW‘s Andrew Sardone). So cool!

Stop by to browse, say hey to our lovely ladies, and find some sweet vintage and artisan gems!