Author | Photos Becca Lemire

Gold stocks might be plunging but at AGO’s Massive, we were literally blinded by the bling

While we were excited to sport our gold sequin shorts, this was hardly a bold fashion statement when compared with the dozens of art enthusiasts who dared to dance in their glimmery skivvies with ass cheeks and cleavage smeared with gold body paint.

Forget a night in the museum, this was like a metallic fun fair on acid. Weaving through the galleries, guests were met with haunting processions by local artist Mango Peeler. Downstairs, Tibi and Geoff’s Hurdles installation had athletes guzzling Kool-Aid and frantically leaping on a “track field.”

We took a few moments to boogie in space with Maylee Todd and fed our post-workout by stuffing our mouths with poutine. Art, after all, goes best with squeaky cheese curds and thick gravy.

The night ended as it should, when all class was ditched as we wandered around the posh affair with demented gold teeth and stained gums that we retrieved from a GRILLZ dispenser.

Guys, if this isn’t art than I don’t know what is. AGO, once again, you get a FUCKING GOLD STAR for throwing a momentous Massive party.

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  1. Kristyn Ann
    April 19, 2013

    looking good mr. Woolston

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