Porn makes us sad sometimes—seeing some fully hairless old man pumping away at an equally hairless bored-looking blonde girl while she half-sighs and repeats stock phrases does NOT get us hard. And that’s kind of the whole point of porn, just FYI, porn guys. Good for Her, a female-friendly sex shop and resource for information about sexuality agrees, and is hosting the seventh annual Feminist Porn Awards this Friday to honour filmmakers presenting sexy alternatives to mainstream porn.

The weekend also includes film screenings, workshops, and talks on a variety of topics, from open relationships to the social role of the porn industry. Plus, the awards gala boasts a lineup of eclectic acts to entertain and/or titillate. With categories like Sexiest Straight Film, Hottest Trans Film, and Most Deliciously Diverse Cast, something tells us the clips at this event will be more fun than the average awards show…

Tickets for the Feminist Porn Awards (on Friday April 20th at 9 pm) are $25 and can be purchased here. For more information visit Good for Her.

~ Monica Heisey