Scream (1996) and Goosebumps (2015) are two of the most beloved freak-yourself-out films, and both are playing at the Ontario Place Drive-In for spooky season (Oct 26-31). But Haunted Cinema, hosted by Hit and Run Dance Productions, is much more than a fun movie night—it’s a thrilling immersive ghoulish experience. 

Audiences can expect some of the city’s top dance performers to creep up along the side of their car, jump out of the shadows, or even meet guests eye to eye as in the rearview mirror. Can you handle it?

The Goosebumps screening is intended for all ages, and will be tamer than the terrifying-as-all-hell Scream screening, which is geared towards a more mature audiences.

“This is not your average Halloween experience,” said Hit and Run Co-Director Anisa Tejpar. “If you’re expecting a run of the mill haunted hayride or pumpkin patch, be prepared to have your expectations blown out of the water.” Eeek!

Tickets are now on sale for $50.00 CAD per vehicle for up to four people and each additional guest is $15.00. Visit for more details and to purchase tickets.