Next month, the Toronto Public Library is celebrating the city’s favourite books with its 7th Keep Toronto Reading Festival.  Over 100 events will going on across the city, from readings to panel discussions, pub talks, and walking tours.

Here are 5 we’re pumped for:

Poets from the West-Side Arts Hub
April 12th, 6:30 – 8 PM, York Woods Branch

This poetry performance will be all about celebrating life in the Jane and Finch community and Toronto as a whole. Three local lady poets, M.A.D. Poet, Harmony Pike and Lola Bunz, will host the intimate and inspiring evening.

New York and Toronto foodies unite
Thursday April 18, 7 PM Toronto Reference Library 

Gabrielle Hamilton, a top New York chef and owner of Prune Restaurant, will discuss her new memoir “Blood, Bones and Butter” with The Cookbook Store owner Alison Fryer. Her memoir covers her experience in many different kitchens – the rural ones of her childhood, throughout Europe, and in soul-snatching catering companies. The New York Times bestseller has been called the best memoir by a chef, ever.

Blogging about the library
Thursday April 19, 6:30 – 7:45 PM Taylor Memorial

Catherine Raines will talk about her blog, which documents her visits to every library branch in the city. “Breakfast in Scarborough” showcases the things she hears, sees and feels in each library, including what she overhears kids say, photos of cool architectural quirks, the views from the windows, and of course, favourite books. It will warm your heart. 

The Guild Inn – The Untold Story
Thursday April 19, 7 – 8 PM. Bendale branch

Author Carol Lidgold will shed some light on the shady historic haunt in this hour talk.  The former private residence in the Bluffs has been converted into many different forms since it was built in 1914 and seen many different occupants. Boarded up since 2001, the Guild Inn is supposed to be riddled with ghosts. Spoooooky.

Graffiti as a form of public art
April 28, 1 – 4 Albert Campbell branch

Graffiti artist Michael Reyes, responsible for many awesome murals across the city, will introduce the background and history of graffiti art, and encourage participants to engage in the art form in a legal and creative way. Spray on, artists!

~ Kait Fowlie