It’s not a panty twister of a shock that the local luxury line Greta Constantine could reel in Coco Rocha to walk their show. They’re one of the most coveted lines in Toronto, after all – but the thrill was all the same. There isn’t much that will send the Canadian fashion lover’s heart a-fluttering more than having a Vancouverite supermodel open a Toronto show.

So with the supermodel part down, all the show needed was an unnecessary delay (90 minutes of grumbling over under-poured white wine and cranky tweets) for full credibility. Twitfits aside, it really was worth the wait.

Rocha sped down the runway, a tactic she may have picked up on the more noble runways of Paris and Milan, much to the chagrin of the gawkers and ooglers in the invite-only audience. Still, those razorsharp cheekbones and dreamy, almond eyes didn’t fail to impress, despite the hellish speed of her strut.

And the clothes! Wong and Pickersgill went for something easy and breezy this season, with Grecian goddess-like drapery and flowing fabrics effortlessly tossed and crisscrossed. There was even a showing of their recently debuted men’s line, which served as abrupt halt to the sartorial tour of Mount Olympus with slightly less classical items such as mesh pants.

Still, if Rocha was Aphrodite of the night, then Wong and Pickersgill were Hera and Hercules, ending Toronto non-fashion week (the foreplay to LGFW, which starts today) on a high note.

~ Elli Stuhler

P.S – Thank you smartwater for supplying us with these photos! We had a last minute photog emerg – so our glad that our hydrating friends could step in.