This past weekend, what seemed like thousands, hauled ass down to the docks for Rethink Breast Cancer’s annual Boobyball extravaganza. This is by far one of the biggest gala fundraisers on the Toronto social calendar and this year’s Camp Booby theme was wildly successful. I mean, who doesn’t love camp?

While some dressed in fancy gala attire others wore life jackets. There were a lot of variations on the girl guide uniform and people seemed to be thrilled to finally find an occasion to sport their Davy Crocket hat. We especially loved the dudes who showed up dressed like S’MORES wearing cardboard boxes as graham crackers. Although their get-up was a bit tricky on the dance floor it wasn’t nearly as awkward as the man who came as a tipi.

Beyond whopping it up around the fake campfire, guests could raid the Tuck Shop candy station, roast marshmallows or join the Kumbaya sing-a-long. We enjoyed the camp signage and, as usual, our small bladder had us making frequent trips to the outhouse.

Some party revelers paddled through the crowd in their fake canoe while others posed alongside half naked men with inked on their chest. Check it out for yourself.

It was definitely a fun night had by all and we’re pretty sure that amidst the crowd, we spotted Big Foot. (Always good to have a few campfire legends in the mix.)

Rethink Breast Cancer is the charity devoted to the young women’s breast cancer movement and for over a decade they’ve proven that they know how to throw the best party. Now, go back to your cabins and feel your breasts.

~ Jen McNeely