Looking around the new H&M flagship store at Yonge and Dundas, glasses of wine in hand and arms piled high with nautical striped skirts, Garden Collection shorts, perfect grey basics, and a rogue straw hat, we couldn’t help but wonder, why haven’t we been shopping like this all along? Suddenly, a Madonna/Britney-esque desire to shut a store down and toss back the booze while you buy seemed entirely reasonable. (Not too mention a fairly sound business proposition. Do you know how much more you buy when you’re drunk?) 

The new space was filled with enthusiastic and fashionable folks eating tiny apple pies on sticks, and lusting over H&M’s covet-worthy spring offerings. We got a bit…enthusiastic…about the whole discount-purchasing-while-slugging-wine thing, and walked off with some serious scores. No store does the wardrobe-replenish better than H&M-suddenly, your racks are hung with pieces you dream about wearing, and the basics that fill in the blanks, and you barely even blinked. And when the DJ spun ‘Hey, Big Spender,’ well, that was just cheating. 

The new store is open and ready for business, so stop by and do some damage to your wallet (well, minimal damage. We’ll never stop being delighted by H&M prices), and some favours to your wardrobe, ASAP. 

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Lauren appreciates the joys of drunk shopping.