Life isn’t always a box of chocolates, or in this case, a little red bag of yummy MALTESERS® chocolate candies. But we are on a mission to bring some desk-side fun to your office, because sometimes a good laugh – and in our opinion, chocolate – is just what the doctor ordered.

We’ve partnered with the makers of  MALTESERS® to bring you a fun team-building chocolate party! Pause for a few moments and #HaveABall with us!

Shedoesthecity is looking to partner with four fun-loving downtown Toronto offices for some fun with the MALTESERS® brand this May! So who wants to play? 


  •  Must love chocolate
  • Have an office/storefront space Shedoesthecity can visit in GTA, between Jane St, Logan St, Eglinton and Lakeshore. 
  • Must be okay looking a tiny bit silly on camera  and having your office space shared on our social media channels, as well as on
  • Are able and willing to stop work for thirty minutes to have some FUN!

Beyond busting through reception with loads of chocolate balls (think of us as your mid-afternoon chocolate delivery fairies!), we will be conducting some playful team-building challenges.

Some teams get strong climbing walls; others go on golf retreats. We want to find out how fast can you blow a MALTESERS® candy ball across the boardroom table. SKILLZ, people. Who is the best at pinging a MALTESE® candy ball   into a shot glass? HAND-EYE CO-ORDINATION! And, how capable are you at a devious and dark MALTESERS® candy ball marble run? 

Help us share our #HaveABall story, and we will share your story too! Contact us today, by emailing with subject line #HaveABall, to see about getting your team involved. Make everyone in your office SMILE!