Having a rough day? Take a peek around The Conversation About Love, a participatory art project inspired by Sarah Polley's Take This Waltz

When Sarah Polley filmed Take This Waltz outside our office, we spent the summer trying to pounce on Seth Rogen (and Michelle Williams. It was a distracting summer.) Now, the film is coming to the big screen, and to celebrate, artists have collaborated to launch a participatory project, The Conversation About Love.

The Conversation About Love is an online, interactive experience that promotes exactly what its name suggests. The audience is asked to reflect on the three core ideas in the film: “My heart is…” “It takes courage to…” “When I let go…” Then, you can upload responses to the site, or browse through the galleries and see what others have uploaded. Submissions are from all over the world, in a variety of mediums, from scrawled love notes to photo booth photos to Tweets.

We suggest, if you’re having a rough day, that you take some time to click around the site. It’s nice to see the sometimes simple, sometimes complex responses the opening words inspire in people. Then, get creative and share the love by uploading your own!

~ Haley Cullingham

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