With a grinning soup bowl of a logo designed by the owner’s daughter, a chalkboard wall scrawled with specials, and local art on the walls, Mak Mak has a cozy, quirky vibe. Add to that the friendly staff and delicious food, and you have our favourite Thai restaurant in Montreal.

The food is fresh, flavourful, and seriously cheap, and the portions are big enough to leave you feeling satisfied, but the not so giant that you can’t move for three hours. It’s the perfect dinner to fuel a St. Henri stroll. Mak Mak also delivers, and you can order beer and wine. The idea that I can get pad thai and a bottle of wine delivered to my doorstep is a very dangerous one. And even better? The waiter told us that they can make any of their dishes vegetarian, which is music to my ears. I’ve been dreaming of the spicy black bean sauce pretty much non-stop since I tried it.

Mak Mak Thai
4219 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest
For delivery, call 416-778-7770