Heather Graham talks to Richard Crouse about flying on a piano over Paris in #TIFF11 kiddie film, The Flying Machine

First of all, we are mesmerized by Heather Graham’s good looks. The actress still has the same glow since she was roller skating in short-shorts on Boogie Nights. But this film is so not like that. One of the few kid friendly films at TIFF, The Flying Machine is a whimsical 3D stop-motion animation and live action combo where Heather plays a busy single mom who meets Lang Lang and his flying-piano contraption that floats her off into the clouds and forces her to think introspectively about her priorities. Hey, if someone tossed us on a flying piano, we’d do the same. Set to the music of Frederyk Chopin, this is a visually stunning and culturally enhancing flick for kids with big imaginations. It’s probably also a film that twenty-somethings will flock to after smoking a fat one. In a one-on-one with Richard Crouse, Graham talks about nostalgia and pretending to fly over Paris. And she’s SO HOT it almost makes us mad.

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