Photos by George Pimentel courtesy of WireImage

What do we think of this white hair and black feathery cloaks? Best reviewed with this playing in the background

Heather Lawton’s debut collection for LG Fashion Week was held in the Studio, or the darker and more intimate runway.  Sullen goth models were illuminated only by witchy white wigs as the collection was entirely black. Black hooded faux fur vests, oversized black feather wraps, hoods of blacker than black black black,  triangular black cloaks, black leather leggings and etc. But what it lacked in colour it made up for in texture.

It was dark, dangerous and made us want to bite the exposed shoulder of the fashionista to our left. 

It may not be our everyday but Lawton’s looks would be perfect attire for a night at the opera or for Saturday nights when we feel like casting a spell at a sex and leather party. Woo woo, witchy woman, see how high she flies.

~ Ivana Markotic