Every woman’s pregnancy (be it the getting pregnant part, the gestation period or the actual birth) comes with a unique set of challenges, which is why no story is ever identical to another, and also why you can never predict a birth story.

Feeling healthy, capable and strong are themes that touch every woman during this journey, and are invaluable to the health and wellness of both Mom and Baby. Starting a family is rarely smooth sailing for anyone, but for some women, the difficulties and obstacles are so hard that what should be an exciting and joyful time can be heartbreaking, painful and very depressing. That is what Rethink Breast Cancer’s Baby Time is trying to change.

For young women who’ve had breast cancer, fertility can be a long and difficult struggle. Drugs administered during cancer treatment, and in the adjuvant setting to reduce the risk of recurrence, can have adverse effects on a her reproductive system. The Baby Time study will investigate what happens when young women take a break in their hormonal treatment to try to conceive naturally.

“There are many challenges associated with a diagnosis of breast cancer during the child-bearing years,” says MJ DeCoteau, Executive Director of Rethink Breast Cancer. “Loss of fertility and the issue of pregnancy after treatment for breast cancer are devastating for a young patient. More clinical data is needed so that young women can safely plan and start a family after breast cancer.”

Help Rethink Breast Cancer by visiting rethinkbreastcancer.com/babytime and supporting their Indiegogo campaign. They have currently raised over $5000 and are hoping to reach their goal of $15,000 to spearhead this research project by July 13th.