Hi Libido…how are you? 

The pandemic has affected everyone’s sex drive a little differently. While some have found an increase yearning for sexual intimacy, others would rather wait in line for a Covid test than get it on with another human.

There are also people who’ve spent most of their year completely alone, void of human touch, who’ve perhaps experimented with virtual foreplay for the first time ever. No matter what the case, it’s obvious that the pandemic has affected our sex drive, and how we define pleasure.

The Sex Show is a beloved annual event put on by Gallery 1313, which invites artists to share thoughts and ideas about sex through different mediums. This year, the show has gone virtual, and the variety of paintings, photography and mixed media provide the perfect backdrop to talk about sex. View it from your couch, your kitchen counter, or your bedroom.

“The pandemic continues to change the way we do things . dating , hook ups and maintaining relationships have taken a hit with the current pandemic going into over ten months,” says Gallery Director, Phil Anderson. “Hopefully the Hi Libido The Sex Show will give people cause to smile or perhaps a chuckle. Maybe to remember a time when times were different.”

With 20 different artists participating, there’s work that you’ll be drawn to, and other pieces that may have you scratching your head. But to view as a show will undoubtedly spark strong reactions and interesting ideas about sex, intimacy, and much more. 

“An approach to the exploration of sexuality can be seen as an opportunity to explore our psyche, with curiosity and playfulness. There’s a side that happens in public – the choices we make through movement, tone of voice, clothing, grooming, to exude our confidence and enjoy the rush of attention or gaze. And there’s a private side – observing and admiring our bodies in the mirror, the shapes it can make, the details of our folds, our bone structure, our skin, and the different ‘yous’ that exist within you. One of those ‘yous’ being a sexual ‘you’, an animal ‘you’,” writes Artist Nora House, who has two pieces in the show. We love them both).