Horses Atelier is a Toronto-based line created by Claudia Dey (incidentally, one of our favourite writers) and Heidi Sopinka. The collection fulfills the wardrobe dreams I didn’t even realize I had, populated by pieces that look effortless and interesting at the same time. Caftans, tunics, blousons and summer slip dresses; this full collection could easily be your entire wardrobe and you would be excited to get dressed everyday.

With fans like Vogue, the line is already generating buzz. As the designers told the magazine, the line celebrates the sexiness of ease. Everything slips over your head, with French inspiration (and the occasional spark of an idea lit under a bridge in Parkdale). 

The sample sale is happening at Clint Roenisch Gallery at 944 Queen St. W. on Tuesday, July 16th from noon-six. It’s cash only, so make sure you come prepared. We’ll see you there.