CAN CON ALARM, BING BONG: in anticipation of its consumer release on January 28th, My Prairie Home is streaming, in its entirety, for free, January 26th and 27th through the National Film Board of Canada.

Written and directed by uber-talented Canadian filmmaker Chelsea McMullan, the film tells the story of Calgary-born, Montreal-based trans singer-songwriter Rae Spoon. The lyrical and captivating doc-musical hybrid presents Spoon’s music (in stylized, verité-inspired vignettes shot by the magnificent Maya Bankovic) along with their (Spoon uses the gender-netural, third-person pronoun) experiences growing up and struggles with sexuality and gender identity in a Pentecostal household.

From makeshift bunks to overnight trips on the Greyhound, the filmmakers followed Rae on their tour across the prairies and filmed every moment. They scaled glaciers and lugged heavy camera equipment through rural Alberta. They filmed in truck stop diners and dinosaur museums. It was well worth the extensive trek—they’ve created a very special, charming and poignant film that’s as visually dynamic as it is important. Following the festival circuit, McMullan hopes to see her film distributed in schools and small towns so the conversation can really get started.

Fresh from its Sundance premiere, My Prairie Home will have its Toronto moment on Tuesday February 4th at 6:30pm at the Cinema Politica at the Bloor. The screening will feature a performance by Rae Spoon followed by a Q+A with the artist and filmmakers.