Life in Stills is a story about a grandson and grandmother running a legendary photo shop in Tel Aviv. Ben and 96-year-old Miriam keep his grandfather Rudi Weissenstein’s legend as a famous photographer alive with a fury of bickering, tenderness, and hard work. But developers want to knock down their shop and build. Miriam, naturally, isn’t having it. The film, which centres around the loving and often hilarious relationship between the two, takes a darker turn when the circumstances surrounding the death of Ben’s parents are revealed.

As customers pack the shop, and gallery openings all over Europe where Weissenstein’s work is exhibited, it becomes clear how important this photo archive is to the legacy of Tel Aviv. And as they travel, fight, and take care of each other through tragedy, it becomes clear how important Ben and Miriam are to one another. A truly heartwarming film.

Sat, Apr. 28th, 9:30 pm, Isabel Bader Theatre. Buy tickets.
Mon, Apr. 30th, 4:15 pm, Cumberland 3. Buy tickets.
Sat, May 5th, 1:15 pm, Bloor Hot Docs Cinema. Buy tickets.

~ Haley Cullingham