Best news of the day! Best film news of the year? The Bloor will not die! It will be taken over by Hot Docs! And we couldn’t wish for a better organization to take over our beloved rep theatre. 

In a flaming hot press release, that just sparked my inbox, former owner of the Bloor Cinema, Cam Bordonaro, expresses his enthusiasm towards the joint venture, “It’s a dream come true.” We agree! We also agree with this statement, “Independent cinemas like the Bloor are vital to the city’s vibrant film culture,” says Chris McDonald, Hot Docs executive director. 

So what does this mean? Hot Docs will manage the programming of the Bloor year-round with documentaries being the focus. YESSS!! We are so smart and worldly. 

This exciting and hopeful news shows it’s possible to keep independent theatres alive. As a neighbourhood, The Annex just gained six points. As for the city of Toronto? We just got dealt a royal flush.

~ Jen McNeely