A short created by Humber students, Manhood is an incredibly well-executed documentary and that will have you cringing in sympathy. David Mitchell and his girlfriend were two days in to their romantic vacation in Jamaica. After lounging on the beach, they decided to go back to their room to get it on. It wasn’t long before they heard a snap, and David collapsed in pain. Yup, it’s exactly what you’re thinking.

They jumped on the next plane out to treat David’s penile fracture. Told with humour, combining interviews with the couple and streeters with stunned guys, the doc with leave you with a smile on your face, once you’ve wiped off the look of horror. YEESH!

Tues, May 1st, 9:45 pm, The Royal Cinema. (Rush only).
Thu, May 3rd, 9 pm, Cumberland 3. Buy tickets.
Sun, May 6th, 7 pm, The Revue. (Rush only).

~ Haley Cullingham