Starting next week, Hot Docs will present Open Roof screenings of two festival films in downtown Toronto. The screenings will feature snack food, drinks, live music, and a post-screening party. The first film, screening on August 6th at 8 pm, is The Parking Lot Movie, a doc that received tons of buzz as one of the best of the fest. Chronicling the daily dramas of the over-educated misfits who run a Corner Parking Lot not unlike the one you park in every day.

The other Hot Docs sponsored screening includes a sneak preview of Winnebago Man, the film that tells the tale of a man who’s angry RV sales techniques became a Youtube sensation. Other movies in the series include This Movie Is Broken, the 416-love in Broken Social Scene concert film, and more. Tickets to the rooftop movie jams will be $15, and are available for purchase here.