This season, we’ve been noticing that hoods and tuques seem to be down for the style-count – the knitted headband has taken over in full force! This seems like a logical transition, as headbands don’t squash your hair, and they come in a lovely variety of colours and textures. Where can a girl in Montreal score her own hand-knitted headband, you ask? Why, by checking out Westlake Designs, of course!

Kerri Westlake is the talent behind a great collection of hats, headbands, cowls, scarves, fingerless gloves (personally, we can’t live without these), felt ornaments and many other fun pieces. Her cabled and braided headbands, made of 100% sheep’s wool, are possibly the cutest versions we’ve seen yet; they come in a variety of vibrant colours, including mustard yellow, aubergine, ruby red and more. Most items range between $25 and $40, which is exceptionally well-priced considering the uniqueness of each piece.

Also, take a look at her hand-knitted Valentine’s Day cards. D’awww!

Check out Westlake’s Etsy shop. Stay warm!

~ Tyler Yank