Hot Valentine’s Date Etiquette

Manners are sexy! Whether you are going on a date with someone on Valentine’s Day for the first or hundredth time, some helpful tips to up your game.

• Valentine’s Day is a packed night for restaurants so a reservation might be a great idea. If you’re going somewhere that doesn’t take reservations, or you’re just meeting up for a drink, try and get there early so you can beat your date there, and nab seats.

• A menu of aphrodisiacs can feel a bit contrived and often subtly is sexier.

• Bad table manners are a massive turn off. Keep those basics in mind, such as napkin on lap, not inhaling your meal, not talking with mouth full and treating the wait staff kindly.

• You want your date’s full attention (and they want yours) so keep phones away. If it is out of site, you will be less tempted to check it.

• If you are checking out a new place, give some thought to details to keep you punctual, like how you’ll get there and where you’ll park.

• When the bill hits the table, there’s nothing more awkward than a drawn-out exchange of  “I’ll get it”, “no, I insist, I’ll get it”. If someone really wants to treat you, let them, and graciously thank them. If you want to contribute and the night is going well, you could offer to carry on somewhere else for dessert, coffee or a drink as your treat, or offer to pick up the bill for your next date.

~ Karen Cleveland

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