How do I tell a friend they dress way too sexy?

I just love reader questions! Jumpy claps! You asked…
How do I tell a friend they dress way too sexy? Her clothes are often in really bad taste for her body and the occasion.

Who cares if your friend dresses sexy? Do you pick your friends based on their clothes?  Now that is in bad taste.

If your friend shows you the black lace tube dress she plans on wearing to the Sunday brunch baby shower that the two of you are co-hosting, then it could be time to raise a proverbial “yellow card”. 

Tell her that her parents called and told her to get upstairs and change out of that non-baby-shower-appropriate dress, ASAP, young lady.

Humour is the best approach, but only if it is an occasion where attire is event-specific (baby showers, funerals, weddings, etc.) and even then, proceed with caution. Your friend’s clothing isn’t really your concern.

~ Karen Cleveland

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